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Would you like a healthcare plan for your pet which:

  •  Has two different plans for cats and dogs at different costs to meet everyone’s needs (option one and option two), plus a special plan for rabbits
  •  Does not involve any insurance companies or claim forms to fill in
  •  Covers the cost of routine vaccinations as well as care for your pet when it is ill (If you choose option one, flea and worm treatment is also free)
  •  Does not exclude older pets or pets which develop new conditions
  •  Does not ask you to pay upfront for treatment at our surgery, then wait to be reimbursed
  •  Gives better value for money than commercial insurance policies
  •  Has a high enough limit to provide all the treatment most pets ever need during their lifetime, without high excesses or penalties
  •  Gives you something back for your money every year, even if your pet is not ill

Our healthcare plan for dogs, cats and rabbits which are patients of our practice does all of this. Over the years, veterinary medicine has advanced so that we are now able to help your pets much more when they are ill. However, ensuring that your pet has the best treatment can be expensive. ‘Normal’ pet insurance has become increasingly costly, with exclusions and high excesses often causing problems. We believe that our plan is great value and offers our patients a better deal.

When we treat a condition, there is an initial charge (or ‘excess’) for each different condition we treat during normal consulting hours. You then pay nothing more until the problem has resolved.

If the problem comes back within two months of the last consultation or course of treatment, you still pay nothing, but after two months it would be treated as a new problem and you would have to pay the excess again.

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What does the pet healthcare plan cost?

All Plans
Monthly costs vary according to the size of the pet. If it is a puppy, the costs depends on how large a dog we think it will grow into. Size is important, because large animals require large quantities of medication, which cost much more than small quantities.

Option One
Option one gives FREE booster vaccinations once the pet has been with the scheme for 6 months plus FREE flea and worm treatment from one month after joining.

With this option you get back about one third of what you pay us for the plan each year because of the preventative boosters and flea and worm treatments which are included.

If your pet has a major problem or needs 3 or 4 visits to us to cure an illness, you will probably get back the whole amount of what you pay us for the plan.

N.B. If your pet puts on weight and moves into a higher weight range, you may have to pay a higher monthly cost. Of course, if your pet loses weight and comes into a lower weight range, your monthly cost will be reduced.

Option Two
This gives FREE booster vaccinations once the pet has been a member with the plan for six months.

Rabbit Healthcare Plan
As well as treatment for medical and surgical conditions, this gives FREE routine vaccinations against myxomatosis and haemorrhagic viral diarrhoea (HVD) once the pet has been a member of the plan for six months.

The costs of treating rabbits are often as much as for cats, so this is a very good value plan to ensure that your rabbit gets the best possible quality healthcare. Thanks to the inclusion of myxomatosis and HVD vaccines, you will always get something back every year.
Dog being examined by vet

What our pet healthcare plan covers

  •  All routine medical and surgical treatment which we advise for your pet, less an initial fee, up to a lifetime limit of £7000 per dog or cat and £4000 per rabbit
  •  All standard laboratory tests and investigative procedures such as X-rays, ultrasound, electrocardiography and endoscopy
  •  MRI scanning, less an excess of £200.00 due to the specialist equipment and interpretation
  •  Free routine booster vaccinations once your pet has been a member of the Plan for 6 months. These are for:
  •  Distemper, leptospirosis, hepatitis, and parvovirus (dogs)
  •  Flu, feline enteritis and leukaemia (cats)
  •  Myxomatosis and haemorrhagic viral enteritis (rabbits)
  •  Free worm and flea medication (option one only)
  •  Any specialist care referred to an outside practice, less an excess fee of £200.00, up to a maximum of £1000.00 cover as long as that is within the lifetime limit available
  •  Special diets and supplements recommended by us for convalescing pets for up to two weeks
  •  All dental treatment recommended by us for medical reasons
  •  Out of hours emergency treatment, less relevant fees. See details under FAQs
  •  At the end of your pet’s life, the cost of euthanasia and standard cremation
Cat being examined by vet

What our pet healthcare plan does not cover

  •  Neutering or any costs relating to your pet’s fertility, pregnancy or the health of their offspring (until they are old enough to join the plan after their vaccinations)
  •  Microchipping
  •  De-matting, grooming and anal gland expression
  •  Home visits
  •  Dog and cat claw clipping and clipping rabbit front teeth
  •  Any condition for which your pet has been treated before joining the plan and which we think may come back.
  •  NB. If your pet has a pre-existing condition and is already insured, it may be better for you to continue with that insurance for as long as you continue to  be covered. Ask us if in doubt.
  •  The primary vaccination course for dogs, cats and rabbits. Vaccination against kennel cough and rabies (dogs) and chlamydiosis and rabies (cats)
  •  Any treatment related to your pet’s behaviour or temperament such as referral to a pet behaviour therapist. This includes sedation for examinations or removal of sutures etc which would normally be done without sedation, and the supply of sedatives or other treatment for nervous pets etc. Any decision to sedate taken on health and safety grounds is at the veterinary surgeon’s discretion
  •  Complementary medicine such as acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, aromatherapy etc. (Note - this is NOT a full list)
  •  Supplements such as Synoquin/GlycoFlex/Ipakitine/Phytopica etc (Note - this is NOT a full list)
  •  Any costs involved in your pet joining the Pets Travel Scheme or leaving the UK. Any disease contracted outside the UK. Any treatment for pets when they are on holiday inside or outside the UK. Cancellation charges if your holiday is disrupted by a pet's illness. Third party liability for your pet
  •  The cost of individual private cremation for your pet (as this is a personal choice)
  •  The replacement value of your pet when it dies. Owners of very expensive pets wanting this cover should probably insure them elsewhere.
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